Goals of ANEC Hokkaido Office

The Center aims to develop the following human resources.

  • Human resources who can think about Japan’s nuclear energy policy and energy policy from a bird’s eye view, who can open up the future, and who can promote the world’s most advanced research and technology development.
  • Human resources who can be immediately effective in the company, and who have scientific and technical knowledge to solve urgent issues in Japan.
  • Personnel who can demonstrate Japan’s presence in the field of nuclear energy in terms of research and development, standards and norms, etc., taking into account the international situation and cultural differences between Japan and other countries.
  • Human resources who are aware of the risks of science, including nuclear power, and who can think about the construction of a system for the formation of a common understanding of risk in society.
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Activities in this consortium include

Development of new nuclear education using online teaching materials

Based on Hokkaido University’s long experience in online education and the open educational materials it has accumulated over the years, we will produce educational materials that are more extensive in quality and quantity, and study and implement online educational methods that are more convenient for users and more effective in terms of education. In addition, in order to provide opportunities for experiments and practical training, we will enhance experimental equipment and provide practical training and use of equipment in cooperative organizations.

Establishment of a place for international study

We promote overseas internships and study abroad, dispatch students to international organizations, and hold international seminars.

Enhancement of general adult education

We will produce and release online educational materials that facilitate the acquisition of credits by working people and promote the advancement of working people to doctoral programs. In addition, we will consider the introduction of the “course completion certification program” institutionalized by the Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology (MEXT).

We aim to develop the younger generation’s interest in nuclear energy by producing and releasing educational materials for elementary, junior high, and high school students, and to promote understanding of nuclear energy by preparing materials for the general public.


Please refer to the following website of the Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology (MEXT) for this project.

Call for Applications for “International Nuclear Human Resource Development Initiative Project” in FY2020

See below for the adoption results for this project.

Determination of Newly Adopted Proposals for “International Nuclear Human Resource Development Initiative Project (Subsidy for Promotion of Nuclear Human Resource Development)” for FY2020