Fukui University “Tsuruga Nuclear Seminar”

The University of Fukui is pleased to announce the following “Tsuruga Nuclear Energy Seminar” as part of the International Nuclear Human Resource Development Initiative Project of the Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology of Japan.
We look forward to your participation.


Universities and research institutes in Fukui Prefecture will collaborate to provide hands-on training and training using a variety of nuclear-related facilities.


  • Outline of the schedule during the event

On the first day, participants will attend a keynote lecture in the afternoon at the University of Fukui Tsuruga Campus.
After the program on the first day, an opinion exchange meeting is scheduled in the evening.
On days 2-4, participants will engage in practical training and training selected in advance from the following (1) to (7).
A presentation will be given on the fifth (final) day.


  • Practice Title (Location)

  (1)Decommissioning Technology Seminar (University of Fukui)

  (2)Isotope training (Fukui University of Technology Building No.3)

  (3)Practical training on wettability of sodium and materials (JAEA)

  (4)Practical training on non-destructive inspection technology (JAEA)

  (5)Practical training on laser fusion mechanism (JAEA)

  (6)Hands-on training at a nuclear power plant (Japan Atomic Power Company)

  (7)Internship training at nuclear facilities (Kansai Electric Power Co., Inc. and others)


  • Details of each practice

International Nuclear Engineering Research Institute, University of Fukui HP

( )

for more information.

You may select up to your third choice of training from (1) to (7) at the time of application.
The secretariat will inform you at a later date which practice has been finally selected.


  • Scheduled Keynote Speeches

Akira Yamaguchi, Former Professor, The University of Tokyo, Director, Nuclear Safety Research Association

Chairman, Meta-Atomic Force Regulatory Commission Research Fellow, University of Tokyo Toyoshi Koda


Fukui University

<Date and Time>

September 11 (Monday) to 15 (Friday), 2023


University of Fukui Tsuruga Campus and others (varies depending on the practical training)

(1-3-33 Kanawa-cho, Tsuruga City, Fukui Prefecture, Japan)


Technical college students, undergraduate students, and graduate students related to nuclear energy


2-15 students (depending on the practice)

<Entrance fee>

Free of charge. In principle, transportation and lodging will also be provided, but due to limited budgets, applications will be accepted on a first-come, first-served basis.

<Application deadline>

Thursday, August 10

<How to apply>

Please enter the required information at the web address ( ).

<Contact information>

International Institute of Atomic Energy Research Office, Fukui University
TEL:0770-25-0021 <>

Depending on the status of the coronavirus infection, the event may be held online.

Jul. 13, 2023